Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ride of Your Life by, Shevi Arnold.

SYNPOSIS: Seventeen-year-old Tracy Miller met the love of her life....thirty years after her own death. Tracy was working at the house of horrors at the Amazing Land Theme Park when the fire broke out. Instead of running, she lost her life trying to save eight-year-old Mack. Now thirty years have passed, and suddenly everything changes with the arrival of two new ghost: a little girl names Ashley and a cute seventeen-year-old boy named Josh. Josh would do anything for Tracy,but can he help her let go of the past and accept his love. Ride of Your Life is a bittersweet, romantic, YA ghost story that was inspired by a true event: The Great Adventure Haunted Castle fire. Which killed eight teenagers in 1984.
REVIEW: OH MY GOODNESS!!! This book was fantabulous! When I opened this book my first thought was, "My gosh, there is incredible detail in the first couple pages!" There was a map of the theme park, it broke down where the rides were and what part of the park it was located. I loved that the beginning of each chapter the words looked like a roller coaster. This book mad me feel emotion before I even read its first word.

CHARACTERS: * Tracy- She died thirty years ago saving her now B.F.F Mack from a fire in the house of horrors. I felt bad for Tracy through most of the book she has taken care of everyone but herself. She seemed self loathing. But she didn't annoy me or make me want to yell. It had the total opposite effect on me, I want to care for her help her realize she was loved.

* Mack-he to me was a pesky little brother. He acted as he did because he had a hard life. He never had someone to love him fully, until Tracy tryed to save him. Even though they died Tracy had saved him in a way. He now had someone to love and call family. *Josh- The boy who is sent to save Tracy from Tracy. He is what every girl could want. Loving and dedicated. Soft and hard. I don't know how to put my finger on it. He is a man in a boys body. I loved every character, they all had a back story and mushed together to create their family.
I give this book five*****stars unbelievable detail. And a beautiful love story.
QUOTES: " I'm scared." She said. " I know, but trust me. This is going to be great." They found two empty seats in the middle. The safety bars came down and locked them in place. The floor dropped away from under them. Their legs dangled down. He reached out and took her hand. "Get ready." He said. "Ready for what?"she asked. "The ride of your life." He replied. Tracy shifted into the side of Josh's body. He loved her so much. He loved her since the time before they met, when she was still just his dream. He loved her when she was happy, and when she was sad. He loved her when she liked being with him, and when she told him to go away.

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