Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book of Curses by, L.D. Hutchinson

Publication date: July 7, 2012
Length: 272

SYNPOSIS: Meet Raine Renning , your average teenager and her twin brother , Thomas. Their lifes are pretty normal- if you call moving house to house, town to town normal. Since the death of their father Leland, their mother Tori has shown her true colors.on their 18th birthday Tom decides to have his ex-girlfriend, and best friend, Christie for a small party and give Raine her gift- one that will change all of their lifes forever. A book- reading it while joking around they are mysteriously pulled. Within its curse, bound pages told of a prophecy they are to fulfill.

Vampyre's. Faerie's. Lycan's.

Creatures they only thought were stories, takes their places as the Renning's guardians, from region to region they learn more and more about it.

Drangon's. Human's. Nephilim.

Now if they can only figure out how to take down four gods in the middle of this entire mess, and still save the world from destruction-Oh, and don't forget choosing a mortal creature to become.

REVIEW: WOW! How do I write this beginning! This story was fantastic I loved every minute of it, there was action no stop. I was so excited to read this book, I didn't stop to think that i was going to like it as much as I truly did! It flowed off the pages and created a world in my mind like no other I have seen. There were so many colorful characters, the authors imagination was epic in this book. This is how you know I liked it, I refuse to use the word epic. But I can't find any other words to describe my aw for this book. It was as if you stepped into the book, and you knew these characters on a first name bases. I love when a book takes you out of your body and puts in a character. I can't say how much I loved this book.

Five*****stars because I teuly found this book fantastic!

Quotes! Still to come!

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