Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cover Reveal for Juliana By Vanda

Book Info-
Title- Juliana
By- Vanda
Genre- LGBT/Literary Fiction/Historical
Expected Publication Date-  September 14, 2015

It’s 1941 and Alice “Al” Huffman comes from the potato fields of Long Island with her childhood friends to make it on the Broadway stage, only to find she has no talent. She meets Juliana, the glamorous, perpetually-on-the-brink-of stardom nightclub singer whose voice sounds to her like “warm milk slipping down the whole of my body.”

Juliana, a sexual risk-taker with a secret, easily reels in a mesmerized Al who has never felt a love like this before.  Al is determined to hang onto Juliana no matter what. The only problem is that Juliana is more a woman of her time than Al could ever have expected.

Through Juliana, Al enters a secret world that includes men who wear frilly bathrobes and grass skirts and women who smoke cigars and wear pants with the zippers in the front.  Cameo appearances are made by Liberace, Ethel Merman, Talulah Bankhead, Lauren Bacall, Angela Lansbury and other 1940s celebrities.


About the Author-
Vanda, an Edward Albee Fellow and Lambda National Literary Award Finalist, was profiled in the Dramatist Guild's Magazine article, "50 (playwrights) To Watch." She won first place in Pride Film and Stage's Women's Work Contest for her play, PATIENT HM (Now titled THE FORGETTING CURVE). THE FORGETTING CURVE was a winner in Theater Resources, Unlimited (TRU) Voices Reading Series. As a result this play was optioned and is expected to open next year in Boston. Her play, VILE AFFECTIONS, was published by Original Works, Publisher after receiving five standing room only performances at the International New York Fringe Festival. Her play, WHY’D YA MAKE ME WEAR THIS, JOE? received seven finalist awards and won first place in Celebration Theater’s Best LGBT Play Contest.


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cover Reveal Worth Saving By Will Greer

When we first met, we were both lost.  It was written in our eyes when we first saw each other.  My past haunted me, your present haunted you.  I could see that you were aching, yet trying to bury the pain deep down so that no one would know, but it was there.  I saw it.  I saw you.

I thought you needed me to swoop in and save the day; to be your hero, your knight in shining armor that would ride in and rescue you from the torment.  And something inside drove me to a place I'd never been before.  A place where it didn't matter how stacked the odds were, because nothing would stand between us.  Nothing would stand in the way of me being the savior you needed me to be, and I'd go to hell and back to protect you.  I thought you needed me, but I was wrong.

It's me who needs you. I need your heart next to mine in order to get over what I've been through, and to push through the obstacles that are in our way now.  It won't be easy.  It'll be the hardest thing either of us has ever had to endure, but as long as we make it through together, it'll all be worth it, because you're worth every bit of the struggle.  It's because of you that I can stare death in the face and not feel the slightest hint of fear.  You make it all okay.  You're worth it.  You’re worth saving.

-Captain Austin Sloan, USAF-

Still not ready for October 3rd?  Check out this message from the author, WS Greer:</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><i>"I took a break from writing for a while after my last book, Defending Her, didn't do as well as I was hoping it would earlier this year.  I had to kind of go back to the drawing board and really reflect on what I wanted to do, and think about how I could still entertain people with my writing, and how I could do something I'd never done before.  What I came up with was Worth Saving, a story about two people going through their own issues separately, who manage to come together and sort of save each other.  I tend to create damaged characters, and Austin and Layla are damaged for sure, but the beauty of it is that they can fix each other.  I wanted this story to be about love and healing, but also about the drama you have to go through sometimes when you meet someone.  There's always things you don't know about each other, but when it's real, you know it, and the fight is worth it.  There are things in this life that are worth saving, and there's nothing more worth it than love... and that's how the title came to be. </i></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><i>Authors always say that their latest book is their best yet, so I know it'll sound cliche when I say the same thing, but it's true, so fuck it.  This is my best writing, hands down.  I didn't know that I would enjoy writing romance, but as soon as I started on this story, I wondered what the hell took me so long to start writing romance.  I may have found my niche with this genre.  Worth Saving is a game changer for me.  I can't wait until October 3rd!!"</i></p>