Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Coming together to celerate Stephanie White

A more then fabulous cover designer.


Stephanie is a Graphic Designer/Cover Artist. She lives in North Vernon, Indiana with her husband and three adorable kids. Stephanie has been creating eye-catching covers for six months and although she considers herself a newbie in the business she has been a artist in one way or another, her whole life.

She has searched high and low to find her artistic niche and after some success at writing she discovered the world of graphic design and began designing book covers with a flair for photo-manipulation. Since then she has never looked back, spending hours , days and months perfecting her talent which landed heri n the top 30 for The best YA covers for 2012 for the cover of Helena Zane: Sacred Angel by, Shanora Williams, as voted by the members of goodreads.

Creating heart-stopping covers is not just a job for Stephanie, it is her way of life, her passion, and she desires to make every pne memorable for all that see them.
as a writer herself Stephanie knows how hard authors struggle to re-coup the hundreds of dollars spent on expensive works, so she strives to keep her prices as low as she can. Because at the end of the day, it isn't just about the money, its about making magic.

Special thanks from Stephanie White to...Kim Faulks beloved friend and amazing author/friend of Stephanie's for writing her beautiful bio and for all the authors that contributed and took the time out to set up and donate to this blog tour.

Do you need a cover specially designed to fit your story and looks professional? One that will have the reader anxious to get their hands your book? Don't be fooled by those who would add text to any picture and charge you money for the same thing you can do yourself on a cover creator....click on over and take a look at Steph's Cover Design......I have premade covers available in print and ebook format and if you wnaat to go the extra mile and get the cover you always imagined, I do custom covers as well. I can't wait ti get started on you next book!! Send me a message with details and lets get going.

Also check out this cool commercial!

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I'd like to take this time to thank Stephanie, if it weren't for people like you us Indie Authors wouldn't be able to pay for everything we need. I think you are a fantastic person, with a huge heart, It also doesn't hurt that you create a lot of beautiful covers and designs. I am glad I met you, and I can;t wait to see all the good things to come for you. And they will never lose faith.

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