Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Author interview with Katherine Rochholz

What do you do when you get writers block?

1) Writers block is soooo horrible, so I step away, normally I will read a book, or watch a movie, something to take my mind off my story.  After a day or so I will go back and read what I have, if I am still blocked I might start another story, that is how The Seven Deadlies started I wanted to write a short story to keep my mind off Katy Lily 2 and the short story became a novelette and then a novella then a novel.  And it did what it was supposed to, I got over my block and finished Katy Lily 2 on time.
If you could meet any other author who would it be and why?

2) I would really want to go back in time and meet Edgar Allan Poe, the darkness in his work inspires mine so much.
Where do you get all your amazing book ideas from?

3) I find that inspiration is everywhere.  Katy Lily started out as a verbal story when my baby brother was born in 1993, My family had been through a lot of loss ( my parents lost 3 babies in 3 years) and I wanted to spin a tale of magic that was dark but had the underlying lightness needed to make it a wonderful story for a child or adult alike.  The Seven Deadlies was a dream.  But I find if I see a piece of art or listen to a song or hear a phase that is where a lot of inspiration comes from for my stories.

Are any of the characters in your books related to anyone in real life?

4) Riley is based on who I saw my baby brother becoming, with a bit of fiction.  My adult characters are based upon my parents, not in looks but in personality.  They are my real life hero and heroine why not let the world get to know a small part of them.

Do you listen to muSic when you write? If so what kins?

5) Yes music is a must, and it depends on what I am writing.  Katy Lily I played a lot of P!NK, The Seven Deadlies a lot of loud music like Slipknot or Anthrax.  For Demonic Savior my current work I am listening to a lot of modern music that the 16 year olds are listening to because I have to figure out my main character's sister.  She is a popular girl, blonde, perfect, cheerleader.  I was never that type of girl so getting into that mentality to write her is a challange.

Do you have a favorite quote? If so what is it?

6) I have many.  All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream ~Edgar Allan Poe is a big one.  It is the underlying reason Katy Lily 2 has the title it does A Nightmare Within A Dream

What is you favorite genre to read?

7) I tend to read a lot of thrillers.  I write Paranormal and fantasy, but I am not the biggest on reading it.  Don't get me wrong I love vampires but I would rather read about the myths and legends surronding them.  However that being said there is so many great fiction books out there that are paranormal and starting to drag me in, and there isn't much of a struggle.

What is your favorite book, if you have one?

8) I can't pick one favorite.  But my comfort read (when I am sick or depressed) is Hunter's Moon by Karen Robards.  I am also a sucker for Anne Rice she is the reason I love Vampires.  Robin Cook's Toxin is also a favorite of mine, as is Jane Austen's Emma and of course anything by Edgar Allan Poe.  Also I donate lots of copies of Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls to local schools because I believe it is a book all middle schoolers should read, it is the reason I love to read, even though I still cry like a big baby at the end no matter how many times I read it.

You own your own publishing company how does it feel to have accomplished so much?

9) The Reason E.A.R. exist is because I discovered that there was so much to learn to get your work out there.  I had many offers from publishers who I wrote to trying to get tradionally published but they wanted me to change my work to an extant I would not do.  So I self published then I found others who were having so much troubles getting their work out there so I just started by helping anybody who asked. Then someone said open it up to others, you can be an Indie Publisher as well.  So I took some time, reviewed some laws and poof a publishing company was born.  I am so happy that I have one author signed and others that will come in the future. And E.A.R.'s first anthology will be out at the beginning of the year.  UnHappily Ever After, which we are taking submissions for until the end of the year.  But to be honest I mostly feel scared.  I am not a person who likes to fail, and this publishing company is named after 3 important woman, so my own desire to make sure this is a huge success is a lot of pressure. 

When did you know you wanted to write?

10) I have always made up stories, all of them verbal, never wrote them down.  I tried when I was younger but got some extreamly negative feedback and didn't write down another story.  My dad passed away in 2009 and we were sitting over at my cousin's a year later, all of us still in shock when my baby brother reminded me of Katy Lily.  His exact words were something like "Look you can get Katy Lily published... that sparkely vampire lady got published and your story is a million times better."  I told him he was biased and brushed it off. In April of 2011 he brought up again, and I figrued it couldn't hurt to try.  I needed something to do, within 3 months the first draft was done.  I did a quick edit and in Sept 2011 published it as is.  It didn't sell a single copy so I took it down.  I didn't put it back up until April of 2012 I got paperback copies did a revamp and new edit, and got into using social media to promote.  I haven't looked back.  My dream is to help others relieze their dream of being a published author, so thus the birth of E.A.R.

Is there a genra you don't like to read?

11) I will give any book a try.  That being said Erotica, not because I am a prude or anything, far from it, and there are a few exceptions to that, but in the end it just isn't my type of read. I am not saying I won't give it a try, if someone recommands it, and there are exceptions, there are some great ones out there that I love, but I don't own many.

When coming up with nanes for characters in your books how do you decide?

12) For my main characters it is based upon names I like.  My towns and shops and other things are named after family.  In fact the last name MacCathmhaoil is an older form of Campbell which was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. And the candy shop Kandi's Sweets in Katy Lily is a play on my mom's name Kandi Kitchen (Yes I am serious my mom's name is Kandi Kitchen)

Was there something imparticular that inspired you to write your first book?

13) My brother.  After losing 3 brothers at their births, I was in a dark time, though I would go through darker, but for an 9 year old, I was depressed.  Then he was born, so I wanted to create a world for him, and him alone. But he wouldn't let that be so finally he kicked into high gear and Katy Lily was presented to the world.  (after lots of revamping and research)

I always ask this: team Edward or team Jacob? Team Adrian or Demitri?

14) team Edward or team Jacob? Neither, I am team Jasper. Out of all of Meyer's Vampires I love Jasper. team Demitri or Adrian? Adrian
What is your favorite book ti movie?

15) I don't like a lot of books to movies so I just have to force myself to say that they are different creatures.  That being said Where The Red Fern Grows was a good adaptiation of the book.

Fire round:
favorite food? Chocolate and Coffee LOL It just seems like I live on that, but I would say I am a sucker for a good grilled Iowa Pork Chop.
favorite place? Sitting on the couch writing and listening to my music.
favorite series? The Katy Lily Series HAHAHA... no seriously I grew up with The Baby-Sitter's Club and Goosebumps and they have a special place in my heart. 
favorite mythical creature? Dragons, I have a weakness for them I can't explain.
favorite book cover of all times? ANything that is eye catching, I don't like a lot of covers with people on them, I don't know why but they never catch my eye, which is sad because so many great books have people on the covers and it takes a friend to tell me about the book for me to go pick it up.