Thursday, September 20, 2012

Author spotlight Katherine Rochholz

For our writer Wednesday the Author in the spotlight is: Katherine Rochholz <3

The books that she has written include:
* Truth and lies past and present book 1 of the Katy Lily series ( published 2012)
*The keeper (published 2012)
*A Nightmare within a Dream book 2 of the Katy Lily series (published 2012)

About the Author:

Born: September 14,1983
Gender: Female
Influences: My family, especially my dad.

Katherine Rochholz lives in Waterloo,IA. She was once told by her father she could be anybody and do anything she wanted to in life. So she has chosen to be her crazy self and follow the stranger workings of her mind, to see how far it takes her.  Don't get it wrong she might be insane, crazy, and strange but she is fabulous. So welcome to the strange and fabulous world of Katy. She is the author of the Katy Lily Series ( 2 books available in ebook format, paperback of year 2 will be out July 2012) and love and hate and the world goes round ( out in paperback July 2012) as well as A Guardian's Life Saga ( book 1 of the deadlies out fall 2012) and The Chronicles of Battle (short story series coming spring 2013) she also owns E.A.R. Publishing using from printing.

You can find her and her books at:



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