Thursday, December 27, 2012

REVIEW!!!!!!! OBTAINED by Shanora Williams



Can you say Jules!!!!!!! I was hooked from the moment he was introduced. I wanted him under my Christmas tree, if I was Alexandra I wouldn't have cared if I lost my memory I would have believed him!This book had me so hooked I didn't put it down. Like all of Ms. Williams' books I devoured it. I felt for the characters, I lived in their world. My imagination was completely captivated with this fabulous world the author created.

There really aren't any words to describe what I was feeling as I read this novel. OK, maybe I could name some like: amazing, captivating, engaging, exciting, fantastic, and beautifully written. I have read all of Shanora Williams books, and to see all the growth she has made in such a short time it amazes me! the characters alone seemed so real, Jules--God!! he alone made the story for me. Felix was sexy, confident, and very cocky. In any other world I would have chosen him. I love me a bad boy, if you read any other reviews I have written you will see--bad boy, sexy smile, where?

Ms. Williams why must you read me? I have to wait till when for book two? and can I have Jules? please?

I give this book give stars! And I recommend this to anyone and everyone who loves a story that keeps you hooked! And the hot guys can't hurt, everyone loves a love triangle!!!!!

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