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This is chapter two, just want to let everyone know I am still editing so things might change. Not huge changes, still there will be slight changes. With that said I hope you enjoy.


            No longer surrounded in darkness the light was seeping through my closed eye lids. There was someone crying quietly in the spot next to my bed. Where was I? I cracked open my eyes and looked at the person next to me. It was Peyton.
            “Pey…why…are you crying? And turn off the lights,” my voice came out course and dry, slightly above a whisper.
            She looked up at me; her face was tear stained and puffy. She got up and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Don’t ever scare me like that again! Do you understand? I didn’t know what I was going to do if I lost you!” she choked out and the sobs became erratic.
            “Hey, it’s ok what happened?” I asked
            “I thought I lost you Mya, they told me they weren’t sure if you were going to wake up, they told us the car mangled you up pretty bad. I was so worried I haven’t left your side, and…..and your mother, if you can even call her that refused to come here.” she seethed through her clinched teeth. “Thank God you put my mom as an emergency contact‘” her sobs grow louder as she hugged me as tight as she allowed herself. “Let me go get the doctor, he told me to come and get him when you woke up.” she rushed out of the room.
            When she walked in she was followed by a nurse and a gorgeous man in a white coat. Great Dr. Hottie to the rescue. I felt my cheeks start to blaze crimson.
            “Hello Amaya, welcome back. You gave everyone quit a scare there. Your head took most the blow, thankfully there was no internal bleeding, just a really nasty concussion. Nothing was broken, you were very lucky. The bruising looks bad, and there were some scraps and scratches. You will be in pain for a couple weeks, but other than that your body seems like it held up just fine. Since you were in a coma we need to observe you for the next couple of days.” he rubbed my arm absently. Then looked over at Peyton and told her to call her mother and tell her I was awake.
            Everything was running through my mind at hyper speed. I remember running across the street and then the car lights right before darkness took over. I had gotten ran over by a car and was in the hospital. Everything slammed back into reality before I knew it I was crying. I almost died, and I was welcoming it. What would it have been like for Peyton if I just gave up like I wanted to do? I thought no one loved me, my mother never acted like a mother, and deep down I craved her attention, I wanted her to love me. This is why I think something is wrong with me, that no one can love me.
            Then right now looking at my best friend drying her eyes from the countless tears falling down her face, messing up her normally perfect makeup. I knew she loved me as does her mother. The mother I craved so much was right in front of me the whole time. They were the family I had, even if I couldn’t count on my mother, I knew I had them.
I hugged Payton back, “What would I do without you Pey? You’re my sister and I love you so much! I’m sorry that I worried you.”
            “Don’t worry babe your still here, that’s all that matters!”
            She sat up and walked out the room as her phone rang. I heard her telling someone I was fine and I finally woke up but not before she lost her mind. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. I hated being in the hospital, they always make me feel like I came here to die. Worrying how I was going to take care of myself once I did get out. I wonder if Peyton would let me stay with her.
            When she came in she looked at me sadly, like I was a child about to cry out for their mother at any moment. What I really was going to cry about was these four dull white walls. They were so plain I felt bad for all the people who stayed here so long with nothing to look at. The bright side to this hospital was-- there was one fine doctor, I’m sure all the ladies are in love with.
            “Hey--I was wondering if I could crash at your house until I get better. There won’t be anyone at the house to take care of me. I wouldn’t ask….but I have no one else to ask.” I sighed.
            “Honey what makes you think we would let you go back there, I know this is going to hurt--but when they called your mom, she told them to call us. So--my mom went over there to try and talk to her, but she just signed all rights over to my mom. As we speak my mom is making the guest room into your room. I know we should have talked to you about it first, I just thought you wouldn’t mind. I’m sorry, if you do. Please tell me you’re ok with it?” the question was out. Did I hate her for doing all this before talking to me? The answer was so easy. “Why would I be mad at you? You and your mom have been more to me then my mother has my entire life. You have always been my family. Thank you for being such a good friend Pey.” I started to cry I was going to have a family finally. One that cared for me, one who looked at me with love in their heart.     “What about my clothes? And all my stuff” I asked.
            “My mom got it all when she talked to the egg donor. She is no longer your mother?” how could I just say ok? I mean she’s a terrible mother, and doesn’t deserve any other kids, but she is my mother. I’d have to forgive her, I seen no other way to. The only way you can lead a happy life is forgiveness.
            “She is my mother Pey, and I forgive her, even if she doesn’t love me. Maybe one day she will open her eyes,” see no repressed anger. My shrink would be ecstatic. He’d be saying progress Amaya, progress.
            “I know honey, nothing’s going to change. I’m sorry I said it like that.” All I had to do right now was concentrate on getting out of the hospital first then I could worry about what I was going to do after. I made up an excuse, telling Peyton I was tired, even though I had been sleeping for three days. Yeah, I don’t remember any of it. It felt like an hour at most.
            Sleeping was uneventful, no voices, just darkness, with no dreams. I kept hoping I would here the sweet clear voice I had heard when I was in a coma. But there was nothing, nothing at all. My dreams even eluded me.
            When I woke up I was in the room all alone, the lights had been turned down. Peyton was probably getting something to eat right now. I switched on the TV, which was in the top left hand corner of the room. There was nothing on but music videos and news, I chose music video. There was nothing ever new on the news, always something about shooting, nothing ever happy.
            The door opened, I didn’t look because I knew it was going to be Peyton. When she didn’t say anything I turned to her, but she wasn’t there. Where she was suppose to be was a guy, the same exact one from the diner the other night.
            “Ummmm……are you lost? Wrong room.”  I narrowed my eyes in suspicion.
            “No I’m in the right room, I came to see you.” said the guy with the silky smooth voice from my head. OH EM GEE! He was the voice in my head.
            “Do I know you? School maybe?” no he was older than me.
            “No Amaya, I was the one who brought you to the hospital the other night when….” he pointed at me “this all happened.” he smiled at me showing his very white and straight teeth. My pulse just shot through the roof, he was gorgeous. Hair black as night, eyes in which I could see now, were royal blue. Oh my goodness, I was going to start stuttering, he was really sexy.
            “Oh--well thank you. You were at the diner right? Sitting in the corner, I saw you there.” I stumbled like a babbling fool.
            “Yea--that was me. I’ve seen you there before. I’m sure you never noticed I was there though.” he shrugged.
            “I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed you. Matter of fact there’s no way in hell I would miss you. I go to the diner every night almost, and I have never once seen you there, but--hey if you need to hide stupid shit I don’t care. Thanks for taking me to the hospital.” wow what the hell was wrong with me, he just saved me, who knows what could have happened if he hadn’t been there.
            “No problem, I’m glad you’re getting better, it could have been a lot worse. Although, I wouldn’t have let it get worse.”
            “You don’t even know me.” I looked at him. “Why would you care what happened to me? It’s not like we’re going to be friends after this, I’m very thankful for everything, but I don’t know you. How can I just be your friend?”
            “We’re going to be friends,” his smile was seductive. “You are my….future.” he whispered.
            “Come again? I’m your what?” there was something in his eye--something I knew, something I have seen before….love. He was looking at me with longing in his eyes. Like I was a glass of cool lemonade on a hot summer’s day. It told me he wasn’t lying he believed what he was saying.
“Ahahaha….you expect me to fall for your cheesy pick up lines? For all I know you’re a stalker. Have you ever heard of stranger danger?” I started laughing so hard my head began to throb. I put my palm to my forehead and rubbed. Like it was going to make it magically disappear.
            He rushed over to me and pulled me into his arms. “Here give me your hand I know of a pressure point for headaches.” he grabbed my hand and started to press the skin located in between my thumb and my index finger. Slowly increasing the pressure, soon my headache began to fade a little.
            “Huh, it actually worked a little.” I realized I was still in his arms and his head was resting on the top of my head. “Thanks….but… can move now. I’m going to start calling you stranger danger. Even if you’re cool bro, this is kind of weird. You got to tone it down some. At least let me get to know you. All I know is you’re gorgeous.”
            “You think I’m gorgeous?” he looked stunned.
            “Well duh--don’t act like you don’t get it all the time. I’m sure women line up to look at you.” I turned toward the TV.
            “No they don’t say anything to me.” he got up from the bed still holding my hand.
            “Well can you at least tell me your name?” I looked at him through my eye lashes. I wanted to know his name more than anything. He was beautiful. Everything about him was mouth watering.
            “My name is Eli, it’s nice to meet you.” he smiled at me and my heart jumped into my throat. His smile was so radiant; I want to look at it all the time. When he smiled it was like looking into the sun, it hurt my head and I felt as if I was going to go blind.
            “At least it’s a start. Ok Eli, thank you for being the hero.” I was about to tell him he could leave, when the door opened. Peyton walked in and right away her cheeks flamed. Seems like someone has a crush on mystery man Eli.
            “I didn’t know anyone was here--sorry, I can come back in a minute.” she looked at me to confirm.
            “No you don’t have to leave!” it came out too fast, showing how nervous I really was with this gorgeous stranger in my room.
            “No don’t leave. Amaya needs her family with her right now. I was just dropping by to see how she was doing,” He said as he walked to the door.
            “Bye then,” I watched him as he walked out.
            “I’ll be seeing you Amaya, and soon.” he walked out.
            “Who was that tall glass of hotness?” she asked still looking at the door.
            “You don’t know who he is? He’s the one who brought me to the hospital, “I shrugged like it was nothing. “He was at the diner with me when it happened.” I said.      “Man, he’s really cute, it’s just……….he acted as if he knew me.”
            “Well maybe he’s an admirer, maybe he seen you at the diner and thought, ‘Hey she’s a cute girl maybe I should talk to her,’ don’t look so shocked someone was bound to notice you. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous darling!” She said in a bad Cruella voice. This is why I love her so much, she gets me and she loves me with flaws and all.
            “We shall see what happens!”  We laughed loudly.
            “He is really cute. If it was meant to be I will see him again,” smiling I turned toward the TV. This was going to be a new start, I had a family finally, there was a hot guy crushing on me. Hopefully. Things are starting to take a turn for the better. I am going to start making life worth living. All sun shine and butterflies from here on out.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *                                  *                                  *

            After I filled out all my release papers from the hospital, we set out on our way home. It sounded weird to finally think of some place as home. The idea warmed my insides. We pulled up to the in the front of the house. Peyton helped me take my bags out of the car. We went into the house, and for some reason everything felt different, not like when I would stay the night or just swing by. This was my home now. I went up to the guest room the one they told me I could call my own. I thought to myself, I finally had a house. No more piece of shit double wide. The whole time I was in the hospital all I could think about was Eli. I never took time to think about guys, my mom was always mooning over them, so I didn’t want to get close to any. All the men in my life have been disappointing. There was no reason for me to get close to any of the men my mom brought home. They were there one day and gone the next. 
            I didn’t know where to start, it was like staying at a nice hotel on a vacation. I hung my clothes and put my undies in the dresser. I didn’t have much so I was done with everything in ten minutes. When Peyton came on to check on me I was sitting on the bed looking out the window. I had so many questions, but there weren’t any answers to them.
            “Do you need my help settling in?” she asked.
            “No, I’m ok. I think I got everything done, you know I didn’t have a lot to begin with.” I wasn’t aiming for bitter, even though it came out sounding like I was.
            “Don’t worry we can get you anything you need. My mom said we could take you shopping. It’s going to be so fun,” smiling she walked out of the room and across the hall to go into her room. I sat there on the bed the way she left me. I didn’t want them to buy me anything, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my point across without sounding rude. It’s enough just them taking me in. It was a lot of responsibility already to have to feed another mouth. If I was going to live here, I will be the one to get all the things I need, like clothes and shoes. All the products I wanted to use. And I am going to folk over money for rent. I need to get ready for when I had to be on my own. There was no way in hell I would stay here longer than a year. When I turned eighteen I was on my own. I always knew it was going to happen. Why change the plan now?
            “Hey lets go somewhere, I don’t want to stay here.” Peyton said as she peeked her head around the corner.
            “Only if we can go get ice cream and pick up job applications.” getting off the bed I walked to stand next to her.
            “You don’t need to get a job, we have everything you need Mya.” she was trying to be reassuring.
            “Pey I need to get a job, the plan is still in action. I need to be on my own when I turn eighteen. If you want to come too its fine, but we both need to find a job. Ice cream and job hunting today,” I smile at her sour face expression.
            “We can just stay here, “she waved her hand around the room. “My mom wouldn’t care, she doesn’t ever want her kids to leave.” she smirked.
            “It might be true for you, but me? It’s a different story. I have to go, there’s so much I want to do in life….and plus your mom has done enough already. All my life I wanted to get out of this town, to recreate myself. No one would know me; they wouldn’t know how my life has always been crap. I didn’t think I was ever going to have a friend like you. Now you have given me a family. I can’t thank you enough, but we are going to get jobs.”
            “Yea-- your right time to get on with the growing up part. Mom can’t take care of me forever,” she was right.
            “Let's get it done than. But I swear I will not get any jobs in food, I hate cooking!” she made a disgusted face.
            The following weeks passed on a blur. We made my room into something that reflected my personality. Not as if I cared much, material things didn’t have much value to someone who was use to the bare minimum. We both got jobs at the mall in a department store, she was on the cash register and I was a stocker. I didn’t want to be a cashier all they did was stand there, all day and push buttons. I liked being active, it made the day pass by faster. It went like this for the next two weeks. Work, school, and then home. Nothing eventful happened.
            After work one night Peyton asked me if I wanted to go out. We have even working a lot, I guess I owed it to her. Time to get out and have some fun, it didn’t matter to me what we did, I was just going along to make Pey happy. She informed me that we would be going to a bar in the next city over. She had a friend working the doors tonight. We were getting in their V.I.P, well--not really V.I.P but at least we were getting in there. I didn’t know what I was going to wear I hadn’t gone shopping yet. 
            When I went into my room there was a red and black dress on my bed. The fabric looked clingy, and it was really, really short. There was also a pair of six inch heels next to them. They were also black with red bottoms. This outfit screamed come and get me!
            “Peyton I can’t wear this, it’s going to show my ass!” I yelled at her.
            “Don’t be a cry baby! This dress was made for you. All the right parts are going to be sticking out of it.” the front of the dress was so low it touched my sternum, it was also one shouldered. Leaving nothing to the imagination.
            “Fine but if I pop out of it I’m going to kill you.” 
            I had to admit when I was done getting dressed, I looked good Peyton did my hair in lose waterfall curls that fell to my waist. My makeup was simple, all neutrals colors. With red lipstick, this made my lips look full and pouty.
            When we got there the crowd was thin. It was ten till ten; we walked through the door without any trouble.  I noticed all eyes turned toward us. In the small crowd I seen a set of eyes I knew very well now, they were in most of my thoughts. Eli was staring at me with wide eyes. My cheeks turned red lightning fast. He looked good in his button up shirt; it matched the color of his eyes. I made a note to myself; it was going to be my favorite color. I turned my head away from him before my eyes gave me away. He just looked so hot.
            “Do you see who I see over there? He is looking at you with hot eyes. He still isn’t looking away from you.” she booty bumped me.
            “Please don’t come over.” I sent a silent prayer up to the heavens. “I can’t deal with him while I’m dressed like this. Let’s just act like we didn’t see him, ok.” I chanced a peek over my shoulder at him, there he was staring at me like we were in the diner again.
            “Should I just go talk to him…..maybe?” I walked away from Peyton even if this was weird, I told myself I was going to be more open minded and go with the flow. Well here it goes!
            “Hey Eli, nice seeing you again!” I was trying for bubbly, but it came out more like a high squeal.
            “What are you wearing? Do you want all these men to paw you to death?” he narrowed his eyes.
            “What the hell do you care? Are you my father? No, you’re not! I don’t even know him so leave me alone.” I started to walk away from him, but he grabbed my arm.
            “Wait…..I need to talk to you. It’s important. Please?” he let go of my arm and I felt cold. This better be good. I was really pissed off even if I wanted to wrap myself in his arms and stay like that forever.
            What the hell is wrong with me!
            I just met this stalker the other day.
            “You better make this fast, I just came to say hi. I don’t want to leave Peyton,” I looked at her over my shoulder and she was already talking to some guy at the bar.
She probably forgot I was here.
            Like he read my mind he said, “Looks like you have time after all,” a hint of a smile played over his lips. He thought this was funny. Asshole. We went out the back door, which creepy enough opened up into an alley.
            “What do you want?” I asked standing as far as I could from him.
            “I don’t know if we should talk about it right here, out in the open,” he looked nerves. What was he planning to do with me?
            “Look I’m not going anywhere with you. You need to tell me what it is you want with me,” I started for the back door.
            “I didn’t ask you to leave. There is no way I can talk to you here,” his eyes pleading. How could I say no to him when he’s looking at me like he is?
            “Fine where do we go then? I just don’t want to go far,” I walked to the mouth of the alley. He followed close behind, it felt like he was breathing down my neck.
            “Let's go to the little café down the street, I’ll buy you some coffee to warm you up.” he said as he walked close to my side.
            We made a few turns on some streets, and we ended up at little hole in the wall café. There was only like three table, everything in here was either tan or chocolate brown. Behind the counter a stout women with bright red hair and blue rimmed glasses.
            “Hello, can I help you?” a very droid voice came from her brightly painted lips.
            “What would you like?” he asked me.
            “A vanilla latte.” I said.
            He ordered a plain black coffee….ewe. We waited in silence for our coffee to be made. The chick with the bright ass hair was taking hella long to make two coffees with no one else in the café. My grandma drank black coffee. When our drinks were ready we went to a table in the far corner of the room. From where we sat the lady wouldn’t be able to look at us.
            “What do you want to talk about?” I asked the minute we sat down. I had forgot how difficult it was sitting in a dress like this.
            “Don’t freak when I tell you this? It’s going to be difficult to hear all of it.”
            He was making me nervous.
            “Shoot,” I said waiting for him to tell me the things I didn’t want to hear. My life was a disaster as it was, I really didn’t want to add to my already full plate.
            “Let's start with the easiest of the topics, I have known about you all my life.” he let out his breath loudly. The easiest? No--it was the creepiest. “What do you mean, you have known me all your life?” I said.
            “It's exactly what I meant. I haven’t known you personally, I’ve known of you. From a young age I was told you were my life, I had to protect you, to love you. My whole life has been spent training for the day I met you.”
            “This is too weird, stay away from me!” I got up and headed for the door, but he was there before I could get out. Damn Peyton making me wear these death trap shoes. He pulled me into the bathroom, covering my mouth before I could scream.
            “Listen to me, I am to be your husband--and I will not have you running from me and acting like a spoiled Princess. I’m going to let you go now, but believe me I will not let you leave this restroom until I have said everything I need to,” he lifted his hand off my face and I gasped for air.
            “Fine hurry the hell up and explain…..what the hell do you mean husband? There is no way I’m marrying a stalker like you. Are you so desperate you have to steal women for them to like you?” I kicked him in his shin and tried running around him.
            “Just stop,” he said massaging his leg. “I was sent here by your father, the Chief of my people. I am meant to be your future husband. I have been trained to think about nothing but you. Our people believe there is a battle to come, it is foretold. This battle will kill all of our people, there will nothing left of our land. Your father has been taken, he knows how to time jump. Only a hand full of our people were ever able to do this. They are the gifted and we protect them. I have been sent to retrieve you, there isn’t a lot of time--they are already on their way to make sure your fathers blood line never extends. Which means they are going to come here to kill you. We have to go.” looking at me in the eye, he was searching for an answer.
            “Have you took your medicine today? There’s no way in hell my dad is any of what you said. He’s a loser who left me with a mother that never loved me. And I will never marry you, I don’t even know you, and if you haven’t noticed--you can‘t just kidnap me and tell me what I have to do. Women aren‘t objects you can own, we‘re not toys. I don’t trust you. And you better get your arms off me before I call the police and have you arrested. If I don’t go back to the bar Peyton will call the police, this will not go unnoticed.”
            “You will go back and tell your friend you are going to leave, or I will wipe her mind clean of all the memories she has of you. We can play this hard if you want, but just so you know--there is no way out of this. You will be my wife it has be written in the stars, so even if you will not have me in heart or bed, I will have you in front of the Great Mother.” this dude fell off of his rocking chair, and hit his head hard.
            “You can’t just take me out of my life and….and kidnap me. People will miss me and wonder where I am!” I shouted hoping to get the attention of the cashier.
            “Look, I didn’t mean to upset you, this has been my mission for my entire life. I have dreamt of you, I could feel you in my dreams. Though my dreams did nothing for your beauty. When I seen you, walk in that shit hole dressed like you were ready to give anyone your precious body. I almost lost it and torn everyone’s eyes out for looking at you. Even if there is no love between us….we have to do this for our people. If we do nothing they will all parish. I don’t want to force you to do this, but if you fight me any longer I will make you sleep and take you.” I should have ran. I didn’t know why I didn’t, his eyes were speaking volumes to me. There was truth in them.
            “Find I’ll go. If this is my only option, but I will not marry you. If it is true what you say, I will help you find my father, and he will tell me himself. And you--will not ever, under any circumstance, ever, erase the minds of the only family I have ever had.” I sighed. “Tonight we go back into the bar and have some fun. Maybe get to know each other better. I didn’t squeeze into this dress to end the night early, and with a party pooper none the less.” I walked out of the bathroom with Eli on my heels. The lady behind the counter was staring at us like we just did something in the bathroom. Fat chance lady. Their bathroom could be use in experiments for germ infested areas. I wouldn’t pee in there much less get naked.
            When we got back to the bar Peyton looked at me like I just lost my virginity. Ye, with little faith. This dress was making people think the worst of me. We spent most of the night talking and drinking while Peyton danced. Every time a guy would ask me to dance, Eli was there. Telling them I was dancing with him. Even though I had refused every time, he was irritating Finally the bartender called last call, and the D.J. called the last song of the night. I gave in, Eli asked me one more time if I wanted to dance with him. I hadn’t danced all night, and I wanted to really bad.
            “Fine--let’s dance honey,” I smiled up at him. I was being sarcastic but he smiled at me so angelically. I felt my heart start to race as he put his hands on my hips.
            “Did you finally decide to dance with your future husband?” he smiled down at me.
            “There is no way in hell we are getting married, but I can dance with you. Just this once,” I laughed. We were dancing to a slow song, it seemed to last forever. His hands skimmed my sides all the way up to my face. His hands cradled my jaw--holding it and tilting it up. He searched my eyes, looking for an answer. His brilliant blue eyes were like water flowing, spilling over his eye lids. He was devastatingly beautiful. And he was leaning in like he was going to kiss me, never breaking eye contact. I didn’t know what to do at first, but my mind kept telling me to move my head, so I did. When his lips made contact, it was with my cheek.
            “I’m sorry….I…I….didn’t mean to….I’m sorry.” he said letting his hands fall to his sides and stepping aside.  I couldn’t help the stab of disappointment I felt when he moved away. What was I thinking? It must be the alcohol making my head fuzzy.
            “No-- its fine I’m just not ready for all this. I like you just fine, but I was taught men are all just going to hurt you. My mom use to date all kinds of jerks,” I told him honestly.
            “It’s fine. No matter what happens I am yours already princess,” he smiled his beautiful smile. Sure it almost made my heart stop.
            “I’m not a princess. I’m just me, the sooner we get over this weird thing you got about me, the sooner we move on from, whatever this is,” I started walking away from him so I could tell Peyton I was going to be staying with Eli tonight to cover for me.
            “Hey Pey--can you cover for me tonight? I’m going to be staying with Eli tonight. I mean he’s weird and all, but he is so cute right?” I wiggled my eyebrows at her suggestively.
            “Are you sure, because he is kind of hot, but he is weird.” she looks at him. “Maybe his hotness over rides this though. Well--have fun, you know I’m going to need details tomorrow. Remember to be safe,” she winked with a half smile, grabbed her bag and heading out the door.
“Ok--hero lets go, and just to let you know I want my own bed,” And this is how I spent my first night with my supposedly future husband.

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