Monday, October 1, 2012

Synposis for The story of Jackson Haddox

<c>Jackson Haddock was once a carefree individual that grew up as a poor child in Cedar Hill, Texas. His family was all that he had but when a man named Cody Walker interrupts his life, he realizes that things will only turn for the worst. Cody Walker has longed for Jackson's mother and her love. He had even made a deal with Jackson's father for her but Jackson's father refused. But what Jackson's father didn't know was that Cody Walker is a man that takes no rejections and when he arrives at Jackson's door step, he is there with a vengeance. Walker and a few of his men kill Jackson's family right on the spot.
Jackson hears it all, knows it all, and somehow he escapes and realizes that he can't show his face around town again without being turned in. But there is one request from Jackson's father that Jackson soon discovers. His father tells him that Walker belongs to a group called the CSR. (Or the Cedar Hill Society for the Rich) Jackson's father wants him to find Cody Walker and kill him along with all of the other rich men that kill the poor people of Cedar Hill. And Jackson promises to do it for his family and his safety. After the news, he is forced to camp out on his own for weeks. But when he is found and picked up by Kerrie and Jessie Bennett, a rich married couple that takes him in as their own, he realizes that he isn’t the only one that wants to get rid of Walker. Kerrie and Jessie have also been planning to find and kill Walker and with them at his aid, he feels he is ready for anything.
The Story of Jackson Haddock is filled with deception, passion, hurt, broken hearts, and even romance. He encounters a handful of problems at such a young age that he isn’t sure if he will even be able to see the next day because his life will only remain at stake the longer that Walker is alive. But Jackson is a person that doesn't like to lose, doesn't like to fail, and doesn't like to give up.</c>

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