Sunday, October 7, 2012

Haunted Moon by, K.B. Miller

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Before Lilyann stepped into her destiny to lead the coven, there was another powerful moon witch....her grandmother.

A teenage witch-to-be in Galway, Ireland, Leeny Moon was prepared to take her rightful place in the circle along side of her family. That was until she witnessed firsthand the forthcoming nightmares she would be expected to face, vampires.

Thw fight between good versus evil begins here...

Blessed be~


This book was a novella, short and sweet. I don't usually like reading novellas, I want something long and thoughtful. I loved this short story though, it was amazing! It left me wanting to know what was going to happen next. There are some stories you ask yourself why would you read it, this was not that story. This story was lovely,I loved how vampires are evil again, like the blood suckers they were meant to be. It teaches you that there is a wrong and a right, monsters weren't meant to be lovely and sparkling.

I give this book four****stars! I loved it and wanted more.


*Leeny-This story was short and sweet and it left me wanting to get to know these characters more--Leeny mainly. She seems like she has all the ablilty be be a badass-vampire-hunter like her mother.

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