Monday, August 13, 2012

Under Ground ( A Diamond mini series) by, J.M. Zuniga

Left alone in a secret room after their parents were kidnapped, Diamond and Obsidian must take care of their younger siblings. But how? They are facing the threat of intruders and the treat of starvation! Will they survive or will their fate fall into the hands of the intruders? Or worst will they starve to death?
This story was tenderly written. It made me feel for the main characters. I started reading this thinking its not going to be something I like, because the genre was not what I'm use to. I changed my mind after two page, the story took off from the first page i couldn't. put it down. Even though tjey knew what was going on with their parents they kept strong for their siblings. I really wish this was a longer series, I cant waot till the three one come out.

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