Monday, August 27, 2012

Helena Zane: Sacred Angel by, Shanora Williams

SYNPOSIS: Being a normal angel of the middle-earth was never Helena Zane's calling and when she meets two completely different men that have the same upbringing, she figures out why. She discovers she was created by Athena to protect her people. To the normal angels she's considered a sacred angel-- a warrior. An angel that fights and patrols the city of Athens from Hades who snatches away the souls from mortals just to gain more power. But after training and going though countless battles with creatures from the underworld, she becomes torn between the two gorgeous lovers that will do anything just to gain her heart. If she gives up defeating Hades because of her hurting heart , all of mankind may be destroyed. But continuing her love triangle and going through with the battle will only cause her heart to rip and shatter. The safety of the world lies within her hands: the hearts of her lovers dwells in her very palms. And she's the only one who can stop hell from breaking loose.

REVIEW: How can I put this gently? I freaking loved this book from beginning to end. And I'm really not just trying to be nice. This book had action from beginning to the very end. For the authors first book, it was fantastic. I wanted to scream for joy when reading this. I stayed up all night to finish this. I love the idea of Greek Gods, I love their myths. It compels me eminencely,  I didn't want to put the the book down, it had my heart racing and my muscles tense. It had a love triangle which I always love, I have already chosen which hottie I'm routing for " ARION" duh!
I really didn't like have Levi acted, and that is saying a lot, I love me some bad hot boys. I can't wait till the second book comes out.  And its weird I usually fall for the wrong one.
Helena was very curious and she stuck by what she believed, even though I had
No idea why she hasn't choosen Arion yet, hehe. Kidding Levi loved her in his own way I guess.
The story line was awesome. Its not everyday you mix angels and greek gods. An exciting read that I highly recommend!
FIVE***** STARS . This book was Percy jackson meets Clash of the Titans..

QUOTES: " After all." He says after he plopped another grape into his mouth. "You are the one that always peeps on me. I should be the one frightened don't you think."

"Oh. Is that what this is about? A friendship? You don't want to choose between us both, so you tease and lead us on then try to say that we are only friends?"

He laughs again as he watches he walk ahead of him. "Fall in love- so that's what this is about? You're just afraid, Helena. You're hiding your feelings so you won't have to admit to either one of us. It is alright to be honest with yourself sometimes." He said as he catches up.

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