Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book review: Clockwork angel by, Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angels is about a sixteen year old girl named Tessa. She left New York for London in search of her brother. When Tessa gets to London see finds out her whole life has been a lie. Kidnapped and forced to change Tessa can only wonder what happened to her brother. While in her room one night contemplating escape,Tessa is rescued by the very handsome Will a shadowhunter. Sworn to get her brother back Tessa helps the shadowhunter fight the evil that holds her brother captive, or so she thinks

The Review:
Let me start of by saying i loved this book! Ok with that said I'll start of with characters: All characters fit together like a fitted puzzle. I love Wills don't let anyone in sarcasm, and Jem caring lovable demeanor. The love these orphaned shadowhunters has but no one speaks on touched my heart. Tessa in the beginning really got on my nerves because she was weak, but I am happy to say she changes toward the end , she becomes stronger slowly. I'm excited to see how her character turns out in Clockwork Prince. My least favorite character was Tessa brother Nathaniel. He was worst then the dark sisters who were the demon warlocks who kidnapped and tortured her. He turn his back on her and sold her out. I wanted to kick him in the face.
The story was well written and I enjoyed the world it painted out in my head. I usually find mistakes in books but the story had me turning pages so fast if there were any I hadn't noticed.

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