Friday, August 17, 2012

The Core By J.M. Zuniga (A Diamond Mini series)

Continue to ffollow Diamond and Sid (Obsidian) in their fight for survival and to keep the core in the right hands. The enemy is closer then ever searching for the core, something so powerful it could sustain the energy of half the U.S. But if it were to fall in to the wrong hands in a society that is overwhelmingly desperate for energy. It could mean the end of freedom and lives!
REVIEW: This is the second book in the Diamond mini series. I have to save I have enjoyed this series more then i thought I would. The first book made me made for reason I will not say, but they are not bad reason just something that happened in the book. I don't want to spoil it for you. Bit this book redeemed me sour feeling for the first. This book has a distopian feel to it so of your like me and love distopian novels you will love this series. More then anything I feel a strong emotion for what these kids were going through! Having three kids my self I wanted to pull them into my arms and love them when they felt they had no one. Its nice when a story has characters you can relate to. Being as sad as it was i am happy to say this book brought out tall tale signs of a developing romance. Which I love a happy ending, I can't help but to root for these oddly named kids. I give this five stars,I know what your think i give all the books i read five stars. Its not that i donr like things in books. The only thing that bugs me about this books is their length. I wish it was a novel and not a short series, in which i would buy for twenty dollars right now with the cliff hanger at the end of book two.

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