Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review for Hidden Wings by, Cameo Renae


Hidden wings was the first story in a long time that was just YA. I have been reading a lot of adult contemporary or new adult. This book was renewing, it made me realize why I fell in love with YA in the first place. I simply adored this story, there nothing like young love. Sweet and innocent. The plot line was action packed not to mention the cliffhanger at the end that has me pulling out my hair in need of book two. Sighs, that's the life of a book junkie =] 

Cameo Renae created a world that invoked the imagination, it had my mind reeling. (having so many fine male characters is a plus in all my books!) It was written fabulously, and it flowed beautifully. This is a book that will have you yerning for the next and the next. After reading it you will be stalking the author (like me 0_o) for the next installment, it was that good!

I gave this book five glorious stars ★★★★★ for reasons posted above. If a book can make you addicted by the words the authors using than it deserves a high rating. 

CHARACTERS: ( The fun part)


Is the main character (female) who starts off as a nerd. With two friend only she was content in her life. Until one tragic night. Emma's life changes forever, getting swept away to Alaska. Emma was confused, a lot. I don't blame her they kept her in the dark. All the secrets in here are baffling. Emma's strong and confident, which is rare in young women. I liked her character a lot.


I love a man who had just the right amount of cockiness. And Kade has it, with his connection with Emma there's something in the works. He was sexy, along with the whole male population in this book. Its every girls dream to be guarded by hunks.


(I'm only going to put my very favorite one LOL)

"Damn, you stink and you're freakin' ugly. Poor God must have hurt his back trying to bend and scrape the bottom of the crap barrel to create you." 

It still has me cracking up!!!!

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