Friday, January 11, 2013

Review Jessica Sorensen's The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden!

I didn't know what to think when starting this. I was wondering how it was going to get any better. the story lines are heart felt and sad, Jessica Sorensen has easily become one of my go to authors, I haven't been disappointed yet. this book was no different, it spoke to my heart, I cried with the characters and I loved with them. Jessica knows how to take raw emotions and make her readers feel them through her words. I didn't put this down at all, I devoured it without chewing. everyone a new book is out I seriously ask my self how does she do it, the answer is: she's got it. All of it to  be exact, with every word spoke, it mesmerized me.

I give this book give stars like all her other novels I was involved in her world, I wanted to comfort the characters like they were my friends, and I fell in love as the story developed.(No spoilers, but Lord did I ever want to die when I read the ending to this book, you say I have to wait for book two? what? I will be waiting for it and biting my nails.)


Callie-I loved Callie, I wanted to befriend her, I wanted to help her. She was strong and courageous, everyone should have a caring friend like her. Troubled party, and working on it. Knowing she has a problem and still trying. Not letting your past eat you alive is hard, sometimes it feels like you're defining against the tide and you want to give up and drowned. That's how I feel Callie is.

Kayden-jock is the word that comes to mind, and why are all books fudging gorgeous?? Still I loved him and wanted to make mini Kayden's. I didn't like that he was so shallow he dated that stuck up cheerleader. His character had loaded of problems and he worked through them because his love for Callie. The power of women :) Loved when he defended Callie, can you say Heller?!? HOTNESS!!

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