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I would like to say thank you to J.M. Zuniga. Not only is she an amazing person, she is a fantastic woman. I was introduced to the apocalyptic world in her Underground series. The underground series has an interesting look on alternative power, and what some will go through to get there hands on it. It was a complete mystery in her three volume series set. I loved J.M. Zuniga's books so much I couldn't wait to read Gwyneth when she released it, and I wasn't disappointed. It was a creepy escapade with a serial killer. He had me on the edge of my seat and looking over my shoulder as I read. Jenny had a heart of gold and she has always been kind when I needed someone to talk to. You shouldn't miss out on how wonderful she truly is. It truly is a blessing to know her.

To find out more about J.M. Zuniga and her work check out her blog at:

My favorite memories:

My favorite memory was when I had my son Bum or Daniel Jr. He was the best thing to happen in me life, and at at time I had no idea how much fulfillment I would receive from becoming a mother. When I was going in to labor I didn't want to tell anyone that my whole pregnancy I didn't think there was a baby in my stomach. Call it denial, or call it whatever you want. I knew My thinking wasn't logical, I knew there was in fact a child in there somewhere. I had talked myself into thinking my child was an alien, it felt like it at times. I believed this, or convinced myself  either way it was in my mind. I didn't cry the whole time, not until the laid my beautiful baby boy on my stomach. Him covered in all the fluids. I didn't even care, at that moment he became the love of my life. He was my best memory, the first time I became a mother of my alien baby.

My books & My library:

I dont have pictures of my book or Library, but it is big and I love surrounding myself with my books because it calms me. If I am stressed I will organized them until I'm calm. I love reading anything that is about romance and paranormal. I can often be found in my own world thinking and talking to myself about what had when on. My mind even as a child made up worlds I would like to live in or things I would like to see. Books to me, like to most readers is my escape from reality. So, I love happily ever afters, because it's the sap that I am. I am the endless romantic, the cheerleader of love, so I like my books to be happy some what.


I had a normal education,though it took me a little longer to accomplish my goals, but I got there. So, that's all there is to tell about that subject.


When I was younger and you would ask me what my passions were, I would have probably laughed. I was always a very intelligent child, but I didn't always make the right choices. I have always loved writing and it started off in poem form. So, if you would have asked me then I wouldn't have the answer. But as I got older My goal changed and with it my passions. By the age of twenty all I wanted to do was be a good mother to my two kids. By the age of twenty-five I thought to myself maybe it was time to take my writing more serious. I have wrote poetry most my life, and I started writing novels but not releasing them. So writing became my passion, an now I can add cover design and photography to the list. I didn't know what I wanted when I was younger, but now I see everything through clean eyes.

The first author I would like to introduce you to is CL. Matthews who is releasing her first book Taming Evangeline soon, and is working on many other projects. C.L. Matthews is also the go to swag queen. If you are interesting in finding out more about C.L. Matthews and her up and coming books, check her out here:

Or here wonderful creations here:

And the next author I would like to introduce you to is C.L. Foster. Who was many published works under her belt including Bluffing the Devil, Truth seekers, and The Best Thing I've Never Had. She is one of the sweetest and down to earth women I have ever met. So don't miss out on all the fabulousness. You can find more about C.L. Foster here:

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